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  • Would this work in a garage or is there significant smoke that comes from the stove?

    Hi! An enclosed area for the tub is not recommended.

  • Also, reviews say the cover is not included and yet the description says the cover IS included. Please clarify

    The cover comes included which was added this year.

  • Is assembly required? If I am understanding this correctly, the coal stove then is surrounded by the water thru the vented pine wood board separator, this heating the water. For safety, how is the bottom of the coal stove protected so not to heat the bottom of what it is placed on and cause a fire? I would be putting this on a wood deck.

    Yes some assembly is required. There is a container to house the charcoal. 

  • how many kilowatts of electricity does this use?

    1.21 Gigawatts! :)

  • Is the hot tub cover included? Is there a way to buy the cover if not?

    The cover is included!

  • one add says 5 to 6 hour heating time, but another says 2 to 3 hours. which is it?

    Depends on the temperature of the water when you start and the outdoor temperature. It also depends on how hot the charcoals get. There is too many variables to give exact time of heating the water. 

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