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Aleko Retractable Patio Awnings

Stop and read through this before you consider purchasing a Retractable Patio Awning. 


Buying a retractable patio awning can be a big investment. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a retractable awning. These options range in price and sizes respectively. So, the question is, will a retractable patio awning fulfill my needs? What is my budget for a patio awning? Will this awning serve me for years to come? Here we will explore the GOOD and BAD of owning a retractable patio awning.




 The Good:


Retractable awnings can pay in dividends

Most homeowners buy awnings in order to provide shade in areas like, over decks, covering concrete slabs, protecting outdoor furniture, in efforts to enjoy more time outside comfortably. Although one can argue cost. Let’s consider the fact that it can lower utilities when installed in the proper location of your home. This can lead to cooler temperature inside your home which will allow the Air Conditioner to cycle off more often saving the homeowner on the electricity bill.

Retractable patio awning can protect your valuable indoor or outdoor furniture.

The Sun can damage even the most durable collection of patio furniture you have indoors or outdoors. No question that replacing Sun bleached cushions or weathered patio furniture isn’t cheap, but a retractable awning can serve as a barrier of protection from not only the Sun but other weather conditions as well. This can add up to immediate savings for the homeowner.  

Retractable patio awning has a longer life than other types.

Installing a non-retractable awning can be less expensive but is it really? Think about the effects the Sun will have over a period of time on the fabric of the non-retractable awning. Although they can be replaced. It can be difficult to find the right size and color for your particular patio awning.

Let’s not forget the merciless wind, the nemesis to any awning that does not retract.  The wind can really damage your patio awning especially if it is non retractable. A retractable version can easily be put away in minutes. Some retractable patio awnings have a senor that detects high winds and retract themselves.



The Bad


Some retractable awnings can be expensive.   

It is subjective the cost of a retractable patio awning can be a large investment. This is why choosing the right size, color and features is crucial. Make an informed decision on which retractable awning best fits your needs. Take into consideration the budget you have for it. Ask yourself, Will this solve the problem I’m having as a homeowner? Is the awning high quality? Will this last? (You get what you pay for?)

No question this is a big investment, but it will pay for itself in many ways and will bring more enjoyable moments outdoors. Many retailers offer financing to fit any budget.


A Manual or Motorized retractable awning.

Do I get a manual retractable awning or a motorized one? A motorized retractable awning is obviously more expensive but could ease the mind of the homeowners when it comes to the elements. Motorized has a senor that detects high winds and retracts automatically. This senor could and may need to be replaced.

A manual retractable awning serves its purpose as well. Not as convenient as the motorized, and you have to crank it open and closed. Cranking it open and closed only takes minutes but in an event of a storm this could be the difference between disaster and saving your patio awning.


Maintaining your Retractable Patio Awning

It’s good practice to clean and maintain your retractable patio awning at least every 6-8 months. The collection of dirt, dust and even water can shorten the life of your patio awning if left unattended. Make certain that all the moving parts are properly greased and working correctly. These few tasks can bring life back to your retractable patio awning and increase longevity. 

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