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Magic Circle Trampolines

Are your children asking for a trampoline?

Do your research - a poor quality trampoline can be a waste of money - a quality Magic Circle trampoline or Magic Cage will save you money in the long run and will significantly reduce any risk of injury.

Cheaper trampolines are built to the requirements of so-called "big box" stores - multiple pieces to the frame to fit into 1 box, thinner steel to meet a specified "price point". 

Magic Circle trampolines has been building quality trampolines for over 45 years. They want your family to enjoy their Magic Cage for many years and want to ensure thay you can get replacement parts in the future, when they are needed.

They believe in their products and offer a 10 year warranty on the frame to back this up. They also offer a 1 year complete and 4 year pro-rated warranty on the jumping surface, cage material, and springs.

For your children a quality trampoline helps improve their balance and co-ordination. It provides an excellant form of entertainment that encourages them to be outside, be more active and energetic, plus keeps them close to home. A child with poor co-ordination will benefit the most but teachers have found that this activity actually can improve a student's behavior, attentiveness, balance, and physical well-being.

For adults, a trampoline is a low impact exercise which takes up to 80% of the stress off your weight bearing joints compared to jogging. It gives you a great cardiovascular workout plus can help with minor arthritic aches and pains.

Do your homework, educate yourself on the benefits of a good quality product, decide what price range fits your budget and purchase the best quality product you can afford. Hopefully you will decide that a heavy duty trampoline with a 450 lb weight limit is what your family needs!

Now comes decision time:
A trampoline?
What size?
With a safety cage?
What color pads

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Magic Circle Trampoline 16ft Octagon with Enclosure

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Magic Circle Trampoline 14ft Hexagon with Cage

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