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Aleko Outdoor Pergolas

The Purpose of a Pergola



pergola is an open-sided structure usually made with wooden pillars or vinyl and framework. Adding climbing vines or plants, it makes a nice focal point in a garden.Today's pergola are made from such material as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) rather than brick or stone pillars, are more cost effective and are increasing in popularity. Wooden pergolas are either made from a weather-resistant wood, such as western red-cedar or, formerly, of coast redwood, are painted or stained, or use wood treated with preservatives for outdoor use to withstand the elements. For a low maintenance alternative to wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and CPVC can be used. These materials do not require yearly paint or stain like a wooden pergola and their manufacture can make them even stronger and longer-lasting than a wooden pergola.



Extra Living Space

A pergola can be an extension of your home that will allow you to be outside in the airy open space of your own backyard!


A non covered patio can bring unwanted heat specially during the hot months. With a pergola you can reduce the sun and enjoy the outdoors just outside your home.


Garden Design

A pergola can make an ascetically pleasing addition to your garden. Placing climbing plants and vines can provide a nice shelter and create an area of interests in your garden along with seating to enjoy.


A pergola placed strategically, can keep nosy neighbors and passerby from peeking in.







Home Value

A pergola , according to Lydia Player of Virginia Cook Realtors, can help with selling your home faster. Adding attractive decor to your home makes the potential buyer more interested.



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