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SkyBound Trampolines For Sale

Television, cell phones, virtual reality (it’s on the way!) all play a part in keeping our kids indoors and inactive.

What if there was a piece of equipment that’s fun, gets your kids outside, improves their fitness, and gives you a much-needed break from them that doesn’t involve technology?

Well, a good SkyBound trampoline is all that and more.

  • Improved Fitness
  • Motor skills and function
  • Autistic therapy
  • Fun activity for hours (exercise is the not so fun term)
  • In your own backyard
  • Long lasting product line

In fact, a trampoline is a long-term investment in your kid’s fitness that also happens to make exercise fun, which is why they’re such a popular choice for parents who find it difficult to get their kids moving.

If your budget allows it, it’s definitely worth investing in a slightly more expensive trampoline as you really do get your money’s worth in terms of build quality and the latest in safety features.

SkyBound Trampolines Has Multiple Models

Skybound offers high-quality trampolines considered to be incredibly sturdy and bouncy.

Previously, the company had two models:

  • 7′ hexagonal children’s trampoline
  • Three round trampolines in various sizes.

Since then, they’ve upgraded:

    • There are now oval trampolines
    • Three different types of round trampolines
    • An octagonal children’s trampoline

SkyBound takes Safety Seriously

Are Skybound safe trampolines?

Skybound’s trampolines are considered to be relatively safe. First of all, many of them have an enclosure net sewn into the jumping mat – a sure sign the manufacturer thought about escaping children, limbs, and digits. Second, except for the Super 7ft Kids trampoline (and possibly the Orion – it doesn’t say), all of Skybound’s trampolines use rust-resistant materials. Plus, the trampolines meant to be outside are made with UV-resistant materials, to avoid the fabric weakening in the sun.


Is there a weight limit to these Trampolines?

Skybound’s Stratos trampoline has a weight limit of 330 lbs., and the Cirrus has a weight limit of 220 lbs. The Atmos, built smaller, but still a large trampoline, has a weight limit of 175 lbs. The smaller children’s trampolines have similar weight limits: The Mini 4 Children has a weight limit of 100 lbs., and the Super 7ft Kids trampoline’s weight limit is 105 lbs.

A Few More Of Our Popular SkyBound Trampolines

SkyBound 11x18ft Horizon Trampoline

Size: 11x18ft

Weight Limit: 500lbs single jumper

Warranty: 10 year frame

Recommended age: Advanced jumper

Best Used For: Residential, More than 1 jumper, Exercise, Gymnastic, Pro Level jumpers, Commercial

Skybound Horizon 11x18ft rectangular trampoline has an unparalleled bounce with its 10 inch coated springs. This large trampoline has massive amount of space for advanced jumpers. Multi-configuration spring installation to personalize bounce quality. 105 square feet of jumping surface with proprietary extended mat skirt for additional safety

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SkyBound 15ft Stratos Trampoline

Size: 15ft

Weight Limit: 330lbs

Warranty: SkyBound Warranty

Recommended age: All ages

Best Used For: Residential, More than 1 jumper, Exercise, Family Fun

The Skybound Stratos has quality and safety you are looking for in a backyard trampoline. The powder-coated frame and premium 8.5 In. Galvanized, Zinc, Hot-Dipped “Gold” Springs exceed all the other trampoline on the market today. This aesthetically pleasing trampoline will fit perfectly with all types of backyard decor.

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SkyBound Orion 10x14ft Oval Trampoline

Size: 10x14ft

Weight Limit: 330lbs

Warranty: 10 year frame

Recommended age: 6+

Best Used For: Residential, More than 1 jumper, Exercise, Gymnastics, Family Fun, Advanced Jumpers

Every aspect of the SkyBound Orion was designed with meticulous care to surpass all expectations of what a performance trampoline should be. Featuring an arsenal of massive 9 inch springs and high quality components, the Orion feels like no other oval trampoline in North America. Push-pin tech allows for quick and easy installation.

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SkyBound Trampoline Springs are the Gold Standard

Take the springs on the SkyBound Stratos, for example, which have a distinctive bright gold color.

This striking color is caused by the steel being dipped in ionized zinc which resists rusting and corrosion, meaning that you’ll get extra life from your trampoline. These springs are durable, but still offer more bounce than cheaper standard steel springs.

The springs are robust, but you don’t have to worry about getting hands and feet caught in the gaps as not only are they covered with thick padding, but they’re also separated from the jumping mat by a concave shaped high density enclosure net.

Safety Netting-Enclosure

Some of the most durable safety nets consist of Polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene is inert, which means it is naturally resistant to dust, moisture, and organic material (bugs, germs, fungus and all that other stuff). What does this mean? Your net will last longer before it breaks down or needs a good cleaning. With a quality PE safety net, it won't need cleaning at all.

All nets are coated with a UV-protectant spray - something like sunblock for your net. This is important if your trampoline sits out in your backyard all year around. PE nets wear that coating a little better, so the natural breakdown that occurs in safety nets won't happen as quickly in a PE net.

Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester are more rigid than Polyethylene, which isn't a good thing for a safety net. You want your net to have a little give and elasticity to move with your children as they jump around and have fun. Resilience is good, and you want to choose a material that will return to its original shape. Rigid materials like Polypropylene and polyester are more prone to tearing and ripping, and one small tear in any part of your net means you'll want to replace it as soon as possible.

Lighting Fast Assembly

When it comes to trampolines, we know it’s more than just reaching new heights. It’s also about safety, durability, assembly and so much more:

LIGHTNING-QUICK ASSEMBLY: With the SkyBound Cirrus, you can assemble your trampoline with ease. We’ve taken brackets, screws, braces, pole caps and bolts out of the equation and replaced them with push-pin bolt technology and machine welding. Setup now takes half the time of standard trampolines — which means more time for you to “test out” the trampoline for your kids.

SUPERIOR SAFETY: Who says you can’t have a good time without a little risk? Not us! The SkyBound Cirrus meets U.S. ASTM Safety Standards and features a high-density enclosure net for additional support and maximum safety. A thick, two-piece safety pad, which has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating, is also included to cover your trampoline’s springs.

ALL-WEATHER RESISTANT: Make the stress-free fun of our 14-foot round trampolines with enclosures last even longer with their weather-resistant foam, which has a lifespan that’s three to five times longer than regular foam. Our foam, for your trampoline’s safety pad and enclosure poles, uses our exclusive blend of vinyl PVC material and pole foam.

ULTIMATE REBOUND: We all want that sky-high bounce, and the SkyBound Cirrus helps you get there with its set of 72 premium trampoline springs, measuring seven inches. If you need more air, we recommend jumping up to the SkyBound Stratos or the SkyBound Orion.

PATENTED SAFETY NET: Forget the hardware tools with our patented safety net, which uses Velcro straps and PVC top-sleeves instead of bolts, nuts and washers.

What Can you Do with A SkyBound Trampoline

As Spring Season nears the days are getting longer and the weather warms up. You make plans on how to spend those days outside. Your Backyard is the perfect solution to create an oasis of fun activities for your kids and a relaxing place for you to watch them.

A Skybound trampoline can add to the endless FREE and fun games and activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Here are just a few of the many fun and easy activities for your Skybound trampoline.

  • Camping (grab an pillow and some blankets for the surface of the trampoline)
  • Toss balls or Balloons into the trampoline
  • Create chalk art on the trampoline mat (hopscotch, tic tac toe, adrawings)
  • Grab your sprinkler and place it beneath the trampoline
  • Fill up a bucket of water balloons 

Explore all the options on how you can enjoy your Skybound trampoline is so many ways other than just jumping. These activies alone will pay dividends for your pocket book and in the comfort of your own back yard.

Why Buy SkyBound Trampolines and Accessories?

SkyBound has been providing quality products since 2009. SkyBound has since expanded their line of trampolines and accessories that are unmatched. They put you the consumer first with high standards of manufacturing premium SkyBound trampolines with high-performance and durable materials.

Standardizing safety and excellence on every level, SkyBound USA combines a desire to promote an active lifestyle for children with nurturing the inner-child in everyone by designing innovative products the whole family will love. Our Orion trampoline features a safety mat to cover the trampoline springs and also act as a secondary safety barrier under the safety pad. We use this feature to protect jumpers from falling in between the springs or pinching themselves. 

Now that you've seen how much fun a trampoline can be, don't miss out on all the summer entertainment. Whether you're in the market for your first trampoline or you're rekindling a love affair with this backyard entertainment that harks back to your own childhood, give us a call. We can help you make the right selection for you and your family.

A Look At All Of Our SkyBound Trampolines...

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