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Trampoline Anchors

Protect your investment with a Trampoline Anchor kit! 

When you look at the practical methods people use to secure trampolines, they don’t usually work out so well. Take tie downs, for example. Unless you have something to tie off to on the ground, like anchors, the trampoline will still lift until the ropes come taught. This can put pressure on points of the trampoline unable to withstand the force. It’ll bounce around on those ropes till it breaks apart, then it’ll catch some air anyways. Unseemly ropes running across your yard is a temporary solution and one that doesn’t typically turn out too well.

Sand bags are another solution some use to secure their trampolines, though a temporary one at best. There’s several drawbacks to sandbags. First off, they’re heavy. It takes hard work to fill and move them. Sand bags definitely don’t look attractive and they’re not real durable. Sun and time will wear the fabric and you’ll have to replace them.

The best way to anchor a trampoline is to use a trampoline anchor kit. Of course you’ll want a dependable product, but you’ll do it once and not have to worry about it from that point on. Trampoline anchors are easy to install, and come out easily with a bit of instruction.

The different types of Trampoline Anchors. 

Trampoline anchors do assume that the unit sits on a dirt or grassy area. Most trampolines don’t sit over hard ground for safety reasons. Though nets help, they aren’t fool proof either. Nets also help catch the wind and create more surface area to help it lift the trampoline. Anchoring a trampoline on hard ground takes construction tools and a different kind of anchor completely., not the kind in we carry. If this is the case for you then you should consult a professional.

The most common trampoline anchors come in two forms; U shape or auger. Check out their descriptions below:

U shape Trampoline Anchors – They look just like their name. U shape anchors are usually steel. They tap down with a carpenter’s hammer or small sledge, and fit around the base poles of your trampoline.

Augers – They also go by corkscrew anchors. These types of trampoline anchors twist by hand like a corkscrew into a wine bottle. They come with straps that attach from the auger to the frame of the trampoline above.

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