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Buying the Safest Trampoline

How to buy the right and safest trampoline  

Who are you buying the trampoline for?
Where is the perfect place for your backyard trampoline?
How much to spend on a trampoline?
     Answering these questions you will help you identify your needs when it comes to buying a trampoline.  
     Who are you buying the trampoline for?

    If you are buying a trampoline for a young child you will need far less jump area than if you are purchasing the trampoline for an older child and/or more than one child.  While each manufacturer has their own product guide lines, in general, the smaller the end user, the smaller the trampoline.  Larger trampolines accommodate more weight and more jumpers.

    While the jumpers’ physical size is a determining factor, take into account the skill level of the jumper before purchasing. If a skilled acrobat lives in your home buy according to their skill level.  They need a trampoline that will provide a safe and fun experience.  In general, we recommend buying the largest size and capacity trampoline that your budget and space can handle.

    Where is the perfect place for your backyard trampoline?
    Map out a location that provides safe and sufficient space for your new trampoline. Whether it’s a rectangle trampoline, a square trampoline, Olympic trampoline it’s important to leave an ample amount of room around and above the trampoline. Trampolines, due to safety, now come with enclosures which can reach heights of up to 12ft to 14ft high. You also have to consider a jumpers bounce. Each jumper will have a different rebound depending on skill level. Please take into account clearance for your trampoline.    

    Most trampolines are manufactured to endure year round outdoor climates. Although it’s ideal to disassemble your trampoline during times when the use is low it is not practical.
    Be proactive about the brand you purchase. Most trampolines have a weather resistant coating on parts that tend have issues during weather changes.  All other parts of the trampoline are made of weather resistant materials such as PVC or Polypropylene. Trampoline manufacturers have evolved with the understanding that trampolines need to withstand years and years of use and harsh elements to provide a fun and safe outdoor backyard experience.

    How much to spend on a trampoline?

    Obviously this is a question that only you can answer. But, you must consider safety and durability with quality and cost.
    At IWANTTOJUMP.COM we pride ourselves in only carrying the top brands for safety, durability and quality, at the best prices on the market.  
    Shop us first or shop us last…but know that we have done the leg work for you bringing all the major brands together to make an informed decision on purchasing the right trampoline for you. 
    Here is what you get when you purchase from I WANT TO JUMP.COM  
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