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Trampoline Owners and Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Trampoline Owners Hack #1-Having a trampoline will ruin the grass in my yard.

One of the main concerns for trampoline owners is. Will the grass die or accelerate growth under my trampoline? Actually…it may or may not! There are serval schools of thought on the subject and it also depends what region of the U.S. you live in and the type of lawn care you do to your yard.

Either way we want to make sure that you do what you can to make your yard and your trampoline look ascetically pleasing for years so your family can enjoy a unique outdoor recreation area with lawn chairs placed in the general vicinity so that you can supervise and relax.

  1. Location… Location… Location.


This is important for not only safety, but for the easy maintenance of the yard.  Placement of your trampoline should be in an area that is level, away from structures, trees and easy to move when doing your lawn care.


  1. Light as a Feather


Most trampolines are very light and you can move them around the yard frequently with the help of another person—if you have the space—to avoid any death or overgrowth of the grass. This gives you the chance to mow underneath or throw on a few seeds and fertilize, if needed, depending on how the lawn looks.

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  1. Loose Legs Breaks Eggs


Because safety is our number one priority, please make sure that when moving your trampoline around the yard to promo lawn health that all connections, snap ons, bolts and nuts are still secure for a safe jumping experience. The last thing you want is equipment on your trampoline to fail while you have jumpers on it. It only takes a minute to go around your trampoline and ensure all is secure and ready for use. This process is as fast and putting away all your lawn care equipment away. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your outdoor trampoline is safe to jump on.



With owning a Trampoline in your backyard comes GREAT responsibility! Having a great lawn and owning a Trampoline can be easy and fun. Following these 3 simple hacks and your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood. So pull up a lawn chair, relax next to the Trampoline and enjoy your favorite backyard activity for the whole family to share for years and years.

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